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How to register for PBP ?

The registration procedure takes place in 2 steps in which everyone who wishes to participate should nevertheless note several dates in their personal diaries:


Anyone who has cycled at least 1 BRM (homologated) between 1 November 2021 and 30 October 2022 can pre-register (via the website The longer the homologated distance, the earlier you can pre-register.

The different pre-registration dates were set as follows:

  From Saturday 14 January 2023 at noon for those who have successfully completed BRM 1000 or RM 1200 (+)
  From Saturday 28 January 2023 for a BRM 600
  From Saturday 11 February 2023 for a BRM 400
  From Saturday 25 February 2023 for a BRM 300
  From Saturday 11 March 2023 for a BRM 200A pre-registration means that your place is reserved. It does NOT mean that you are already definitively registered and thus have a starting right.
When pre-registering, 50 € must be paid. That amount is non-refundable but will be deducted from the total registration price.


Anyone who has pre-registered and anyone who has not pre-registered (e.g. because no brevet was obtained between 1 November 2021 and 30 October 2022) can definitively register from 28 May 2023 (also via

Those who have pre-registered must convert the pre-registration to a registration before 20 June 2023. Otherwise, the pre-registration will expire.

At the time of registration, you must also prove that you have successfully completed a BRM of 200, 300, 400 and 600 km in the current season (which started on 1 November 2022). In principle, the homologation numbers appear automatically at registration but if that fails, you can always find them on the website.

Of course, it may be (and in many cases will be) that you have not yet ridden all the required licences at the time of registration. This is not a problem. After all, it is possible to cycle a brevet this year until 30 June that counts as qualification for PBP 2023. In that case, you will have to complete your registration later with the missing brevets. You have until midnight on 2 July 2023 to do so.

The final entry fee is not known at this time but keep in mind that your entry is only final once the organisation has received your payment. The number of registrations (and participants) will be limited to 8000 (of which 2500 places will be reserved for participants of French nationality).


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