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Maastricht Magic

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Start at the sports centre, passing Hamme Mille and Beauvechain before hitting the countryside. Then winding through fruit trees and the beautiful lake at Linkhout which is worth a stop. Castles also dot the route, look left and right! At Stokrooie, join the water, for 25k and Maastricht. There is a steep climb off the canal, but you are rewarded with a great view and the VL Heuvel cycle path, followed by the W2 path after Waremme. Three short climbs and a long decent brings you back to Grez Doiceau.

Passing Through

Grez Doiceau - Nethan - Hamme Mille - Beauvechain - Kumtich - Glabbeek - Halen - Stokrooie - Lanaken - Maastricht - Val meer - Rutten - Hodeige - Waremme - Orp Jauche - Huppaye - Incourt - Longueville - Heze - Grez Doiceau

Suggested Stops

Linkhout - 49.5k

Maastricht - 100k

Waremme - 149k


800m. Max 14%

GPS Download

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