Mellow Maastricht
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This will run as an official BRM event on the 25th June 2022.

Inscription is from 11th June 2022 via


This ride is an extension of the 200k, "Apples and Pears" ride, passing through Maastricht, the lovely Dutch countryside, touching the German border.

Passing Through

Tervuren - Blanden - Kerkom - Rummen - Maastricht - Gulpen - Vaals - Eijsden - Tongeren - Aalst - Velm - Outgaarden - Meldert - Huldenberg - Tervuren

Suggested Stops

Rummen - Jo's Cafe. 62k. (Sport Centre)

Maastricht - Huge Selection. 115k

Vaals - Vaalserberg. 148k

Tongeren - Grote Markt. 203k

Velm - Café De Smis. 232k


2000m. Max. 14%


There is a short ferry crossing at Eijsden. 177k.

GPS Download Link

Mellow Maastricht Lite

231kms. 1000m climbing. Max 11.7%

Arrive in Masastricht then turn south, following the water to pick up the route once again