Huy Shall Climb

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This route rolls well, on cycle paths and through forests. Make sure you go to the 2nd control at Stree Lez Huy - no cheating by not climbing Huy!

Passing Through

Tervuren - Hoegaarden - Jodoigne - Hannut (C) - Wanze - Huy - Stree Lez Huy (C) - Andenne - Eghezee (C) - Grez Doiceau - Tervuren

Suggested Stops

Hannut - centre. Many options 65k

Stree Lez Huy - Church/cafe 94k, TOTAL garage/shop/pizza at 102k

Eghezee - Sports cafe 148k


1600m. Max 15.7%

GPS Download Link

Huy shall climb

200k. 2050m climbing

Huy Lite - Climb Huy then descend

190k. 1600m climbing

Huy Ultra Lite - Huy climb excluded

185k. 1300m climbing