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Largest Lake

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Up and over Huldenberg followed by navigating Wavre on quieter roads. 3 cycle paths are then followed, L141, W4 (hugging the canal) and the RV1 arriving at Thuin. We then arrive at Belgium's largest lake and the EH-1 cycle path which follows the beautiful water scene for 15k. Back onto the RV1 and a stop in Chimay for cheese and beer! Leaving on the L156 tales us to La Meuse and Dinant (birth place of the inventor of the Saxophone), followed by the citadel in Namur. Then it's the Euro5 before arriving back in Tervuren. 

Passing Through

Tervuren - Huldenberg - Wavre - LLN - Genappe - Charleroi - Thuin(C) - *DAM* - Chimay(C) - Mariembourg - Heer Agimont - Hastiere(C) - Dinant - Profondeville - Namur(C) - Meux - Chaumont Gistoux - Grez Doiceau - Tervuren

Thuin - 91k - Café L'Escale

Chimay - 143k - Teverne Le Picotin

Hastiere - 192k - Café Maredsous

Namur - 235k - Café De Flore

Suggested Stops


2100m, max 12.6%

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