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Hilly Huy

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Starting at Huy train station, climb the famous Huy hill after which, you will have warmed up! Then pick up the W8 cycle route, passing by Durbuy and the forst road to Hotton. Follow the Velo5 for 55k, swinging by Marche en Famenne, Ciney and Dinant. Follow the river north to Anhée, before catching the W4 to Fosses La Ville, cutting across and down to the river, east bound, back to Huy, via Namur. 

Passing through

Huy - Bois - Durbuy - Ny - Hotton - Marche en Famenne - Leignon - Ciney - Dinant - Anhée - Maredret - Mettet - Fosses La Ville - Franiere - Namur - Sclayn - Andenne - Huy

Suggested stops

Marche en Famenne - 65k

Ciney - 95k

Fosses La Ville - 148k


1700m. 19.1% max

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