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Brussels Circuit

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Head north up towards Mechelen, picking up the F8 cycle path. Turn west, following a train track, by definition a flat section! At Dendermonde, rest before following the water to Wetteren. Sharp southern turn, heading to Geraardsbergen, which requires no introduction. Weave to Tubize and then up to Halle, before cutting across to Hoeilaart and home.

Passing through

Teruvern - Sterrebeek - Kampenhout - Boortmeerbeek - Hombeek - Buggenhout - Dendermonde - Wetteren - Borsbeke - Geraardsbergen - Tubize - Halle - Sint Genesius Rode - Hoeilaart - Overijse - Tervuren

Suggested stops

Dendermonde - 57k

Geraardsbergen - 122k

Halle - 162k


870m. 14.9% max

GPS Download

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