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I completed -

London - Edinburgh - London in 2017               

Paris - Brest - Paris in 2019. 

Below are some of the main differences:

Paris-Brest-Paris                             London-Edinburgh-London

Distance                                                       1200                                                                    1440

Time allowed                                       80h, 84h, 90h                                                              114h

Note                                            It is manditory to arrive                          To be completed in the total time. Arrival at

                                                    at each control on time                           intermediary controls are not considered and 

                                                                                                                       you are informed how much time you have  

                                                                                                                      "in time" (ahead of schedule) or to make up.

Route                                  clearly indicated at each junction                                     GPS is necessary

                                                   with a sign or volunteer

Route style                              Steady undulating throughout                     A little bit of everything. Roads, tracks

Atmosphere                          5000 participants. Thousands of                 1500 participants. Very few people on the road

                                               volunteers lining the road (even                   this event does not have the history behind it

                                                during the night) 

Bag drop                                  Not officially available                                                 2 are included   

                                      I believe a private US company offers one

Surface quality                                  good                                                                              good

On both, a lot of work goes into not only the route but the road quality. Route checked thoroughly

Cost                                             120euro for the entry                                  £330. Entry, food, accommodation included

                                             All costs are pay-as-you-demand

Food                                   At each control there is a canteen                      At each control there is a glorious buffet

                                                     Be prepared to queue                                       The food has a good reputation!

Showers                                       At each control                                                         At each control

Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 21.08.32.png
Screen Shot 2021-03-03 at 21.05.19.png

Next on the list....

  • Borders of Belgium - September 2022

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