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A flat first half, starting at the coast, following the waterways past Brugge to the first control at Zelzate. After a short cycle path, pick up the canals, passing Temse and Mechelen before dropping into Leuven. The trainline is now followed to Tienen and the cyclepath L127 to Huy for a stop in the famous café. Now the climbing starts with the L126 up to La Roche en Ardenne. Here the Euro5 is picked up, to Sibret and the border at Martelange. It's now down hill into Arlon and the finish.

Passing Through

Oostende waterfront - Brugge - Zelzate - Stekene - Temse - Mechelen - Leuven - Tienen - Hannut - Huy - Hotton - La Roche en Ardenne - Velo 5 - Martelange - Arlon

Suggested Stops

Zelzate - Grote Markt 70K
Ruisbroek - Bar Bruur 123k
Tienen - Grote Markt 184k
Huy - Mur Café & Cycling 236k
La Roche en Ardenne - 297k
Martelange - 365k


2300m. Max 11.7%

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