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Done Deal

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Head north East towards Rotselaar, north of Leuven, continuing to Aarschot. Then directly north, on the cycle path up Molkhoven. Swerving around the top of Geel, catching another cycleway to the castle and lakes at Den Diel. Even more cycle lanes with the VL Kempen, now heading south and home, weaving to Deist. Then it is relatively bumpy around Lubbeek before missing Leuven to the south. 

Passing Through

Tervuren - Kortenberg - Aarschot - Morkhoven - Olen (C) - Ten Aard - Dessel - Leopoldsburg - Schaffen - Diest (C) - Assent - Lubbeek - Blanden - Leefdaal - Tervuren

Suggested Stops

Olen - Cristol Alken / McBoll / de Drie Potten café / Vanspringel Brood, 61k

Balen - Taverne t'Herenhuis, 100.5k

Diest - De Badmeester, 149k


390m; max 9.6%

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