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Mention (Nice)

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What is a diagonale?

Essentially, a ride of 1200kms or more, self supported and self organised, across France, from one point to another on the French map above. The route is also self-planned and receipts should be collected and sent in for accreditation.

The official length of this particular one is 1190kms which must be completed in less than 100 hours. For more more details, please click on the link:

Suggested stops

Dunkerque -

Food -  Bethune(72), Péronne(160), Noyon(210)

Sleep - Chateau Thiery(300) Day 1=300k 16h

Food -  Sézanne(355), Troyes(415), Montbard(515), Arney le duc(588)

Sleep - Champforgueil(650) Day =350k 24h

Food -  Montrevel(725), Amberieu(785), Jongieux(850), Val d'Arc(920)

Sleep - Villargondran(960) Day =310k 24h

Food -  Valloire(985), L'Argentiere(1050), Vars(1085), Jausiers(1115),

Sleep - Saint Etienne(1160) Day 4=200k (climbing day) 24h

Food -  Bonson(1220)

Mention - 1292k Day 5=130 6hrs TOTAL 94h


11000m. Max 12.7%

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